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Roofing Systems 

Modified Bitumen Roofing Systems-
Polymer modified bitumen sheet membranes have been a roofing staple since 1975, and for good reason. These are made from reinforced polyester and fiberglass, making them strong enough to take the harshest natural or man-made hazards.

EPDM Roofing-
Highly resilient, resistant to ozone, sunlight and even ponding water, EPDM is a synthetic, lightweight material. It can be installed with low-rise adhesive.

Thermoplastic (PVC and TPO) Roofing-
This lightweight, reinforced membrane protects your property from dangerous chemicals as well as extreme weather conditions among other things. These are also fire resistant and exhibit extreme seam strength when welded with heat.

Metal Panel Roof Systems-
Made from galvanized steel or aluminum, the architectural and structural metal panel roof systems are perfect for commercial use. The custom panel sizes, profiles, colors and finished coatings offer superior weather resistance capabilities, and add aesthetic value to the building.

Roof Coatings-
These are a great way to upgrade your building’s roof without going through the expense of re-roofing. Once we are satisfied with the integrity of your roof, we’ll add a roof coating as part of our maintenance or repair services.

Shingle Roof Systems-
Hail damage or the life of the roof system has expired JMZ follows all manufacture guide lines for a professional product.

We work closely with roofing manufacturers to help provide LEED Certified roofing systems for today’s energy-conscious consumer.

With our LEED Certified Roofing Solutions we make sure that your property becomes energy-efficient and environment-friendly. 
These roofing solutions help increase your building’s R-values while guarantee energy efficiency with highly-reflective membranes that help preserve the heat.

Services Offered- 

Preventive Maintence- Our focus is to customized a preventative maintenance plan that is designed to protect your facility/asset with consideration of your budget. 

Roofing Repairs- JMZ is well versed in all types of commercial roofing each of our service crews carry the most up to date service equipment and materials on each service truck to allow for a broad range of repairs, when applicable all service crews are required to water test before and after every repair to insure all leaks are stopped the first time to help protect your assets.

Emergency Response- JMZ has emergency response experience with every type of severe weather event. Our level of commitment, expertise and accountability in the face of an emergency is the foundation of our corporate values and second to none in the industry.